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Colorad<span id="more-8497"></span>o Springs Mayor Calls For Stronger State Constitution Laws to Block Casinos
Colorado Springs Mayor Calls For Stronger State Constitution Laws to Block Gambling Enterprises

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers has the perfect intend to stop amending the state Constitution and block gambling expansion.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers (R) is reaching out statewide to voters urging them to support a referendum that would make it drastically harder to amend the state’s constitution november.

If passed, the odds for almost any kind of future gambling expansion is drastically reduced.

Suthers, who opposed the legalization of marijuana during their time as Colorado’s attorney general, is on a new crusade: to prevent amending the state Constitution. To produce that goal, he’ll ironically first need to amend what the law states.

Appearing in a new commercial campaign, Suthers opines, ‘The Founding Fathers caused it to be hard to amend the United States Constitution, it set fourth fundamental rights that should be protected because they knew. The Colorado Constitution is a far different tale.’

The campaign comes from the ‘Raise the Bar Safeguard Our Constitution’ coalition. In line with the combined team, the Colorado Constitution has been amended over 150 times, while the US Constitution has been changed just 27 times.

‘Our state requires the initiative that is same to amend our Constitution as our state laws,’ the organization says on its website. ‘ This framework has made Colorado’s ballot and Constitution among the most easily changed in the national country.’

Previous Colorado Springs Mayor Mary Lou Makepeace is also lending her support and showing up in a tv spot.

Suthers Sulking

Colorado is certainly one of just five states that have legal charitable, pari-mutuel, commercial, tribal, and racetrack gambling, and a continuing state lottery. Tribes are permitted to use casinos on their sovereign land, and localities are allowed to approve casino gambling though only three have inked so.

The majority is small-scale gambling venues situated together in mountain towns like Black Hawk.

Suthers desires to keep it that way.

Officially called Amendment 71, Raise the Bar wishes to mandate that petitions to alter the state Constitution receive signatures from at the very least two percent of voters in all 35 Senate districts. The average man or woman would then require to vote in favor of the amendment by at least 55 percent.

Current legislation to maneuver a petition forward calls for five percent of the previous vote for secretary of state, but those signatures may be collected anywhere in Colorado.

Proponents for lots more Constitution that is stringent amendment argue groups presently go into Denver and Boulder to search for the necessary John Hancocks, and those two cities does not necessarily represent Coloradans as a whole.

If the Suthers coalition wins, amendments would become impossible seemingly. Gaining two per cent support in every part of their state, from the heavily conservative remote areas to the heavily liberal metropolitan areas, might function as the perfect recipe for inaction.

Weed Yay, Casinos Nay

In 2014, voters in Colorado passed Amendment 64, the ‘personal use and legislation of marijuana,’ by a margin of 55.3 in favor to 44.7 percent opposed. But throughout that exact same election voters rejected a motion to expand gambling.

The owners associated with the Arapahoe Park horse track and 11 off-track gambling parlors had wanted permission from the general public to allow its facilities to include slots and table machines, with 34 % of total revenue going to support education.

The Arapahoe Park and off-track places are owned by way of a group of investors situated in Rhode Island.

‘East Coast casinos tried to create a gambling monopoly within our Constitution,’ Suthers concludes in the industry. ‘It’s time and energy to make certain constitutional amendments have actually broad public support.’

Voters were on top of marijuana, but low on gambling.

The gaming amendment failed overwhelmingly as significantly more than 70 percent of voters went against the movement.

Daily Fantasy Sports Goes Hollywood as Movie Plans Develop

Some fans are saying actor Jeremy Renner should play FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles (pictured) if TriStar images moves forward with its daily fantasy sports film. (Image: Jo Hanley/Entrepreneur)

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) happens to be filled with lots of drama on the final years that are several.

From the DraftKings employee allegedly winning $350,000 on rival FanDuel with the use of insider information, to state solicitors basic ruling that the extremely popular DFS contests violate what the law states, this nonfiction adventure wasn’t a yawner.

One movie company thinks the story is so fascinating that it merits a major motion picture.

TriStar Pictures, a well-known production and distribution studio in Ca that is really a subsidiary of Sony, has optioned the rights to the next guide on daily fantasy sports. Deadline.com is reporting that TriStar will have first dibs on Sports Illustrated writer Albert Chen’s prepared book ‘The Big Game.’

The biographical piece is be prepared to hit shelves and e-readers in 2017.

The Big Fantasy

The rise of DraftKings and FanDuel is without concern certainly one of the larger stories in sports during the last 2 yrs. No sports fan has been immune to your incessant advertising, plus the two market platform leaders have actually attracted big name investors.

Mark Cuban and Robert Kraft are two billionaires who are in on the game. MLB, NBA, and NHL additionally have stakes in DraftKings or FanDuel, and companies like CBS, Time Warner, and Comcast do besides.

DraftKings and FanDuel are actually both valued at over $1 billion, even though the nevertheless relatively young startups aren’t turning a profit. Overlays where the guarantees aren’t covered by the contest’s total entries continue to be typical, and with ongoing controversy that is legal the assets are doused in risk.

The narrative is interesting on many fronts for gambling enthusiasts and businesspeople. But that is probably not the case for the public that is general.

The feedback that is initial the Deadline story does not seem to support the movie’s concept. ‘ I do not think anyone cares, sorry,’ said one poster. ‘ This is a bet that is bad’ said another.

Many Deadline readers are earnestly engaged within the film business, but TriStar knows anything or two as well.

Daily fantasy seems to have at least as many interesting aspects once the housing bubble crash that is US. And needless to say those events were turned into a blockbuster smash through ‘The Big Short.’

The film was nominated for five Academy Awards and grossed $133.3 million at the box office.

Casting Call

We are getting method ahead of ourselves, nonetheless it’s impossible maybe not to consider whom might step in to the lead roles in a potential fantasy that is daily movie. Yes, Chen’s book still has to be published and TriStar still needs to decide if the account warrants a movie, but hey, why not?

As our casting search commenced, we realized BostInno, a regional online news site addressing Boston, already found some well-suited actors for the functions.

The media outlet suggested Elijah Wood to play DraftKings CEO Jason Robins, and Chris Pratt to play Haskell.

However their best choose was undeniably Jeremy Renner to portray FanDuel co-founder Nigel Eccles. The resemblances are uncanny, and Renner would likely be able to pull down Eccles’ Northern Ireland accent.

UFC Fighter Nick Diaz Attacked at Bellagio’s Hyde Nightclub

A fight that is late-night the Bellagio between an unknown club goer and UFC fighter Nick Diaz ended in total chaos, but the casino says Diaz wasn’t into the incorrect. (Image: UFC.com)

UFC fighter Nick Diaz got into an altercation at the Bellagio’s Hyde nightclub this week with three men, and if you know Nick Diaz, you know who won the fight.

TMZ Sports, the athletics arm regarding the celebrity media outlet, reports that Diaz was partying around 2:30 am when he went along to use the pelican pete slot machine big win restroom. That’s whenever Diaz accidentally bumped into a man, and as the UFC celebrity tried to apologize, the unidentified male wasn’t accepting the excuse.

Onlookers say three other people joined up with in to fight Diaz, who quickly tried to defend himself. The three against one rumble spilled out onto the Bellagio casino floor because the attackers hurled chairs at Diaz and also started fighting with security guards.

The four were fundamentally eliminated, but maybe not before offering Diaz a black attention. Though melee had been exchanged, the UFC athlete isn’t pressing fees.

‘They got the worst of it,’ Diaz told TMZ. ‘I didn’t begin it. They didn’t know who I was.’

Diaz has spent most of his job fighting during the welterweight level, which requires him to keep under 170 pounds. Though he is yet to win a UFC gear, Diaz is a welterweight that is former in Strikeforce and World Extreme Cagefighting.

UFC’s Bad Child

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the very most popular betting lines offered at Nevada sportsbooks as well as on daily dream sports (DFS) platforms.

The sport has gained such a following that the UFC had been sold for a whopping $4 billion in July. Facility Casinos owners Frank and Lorenzo’s $2 million investment in 2001 to buy the UFC paid off handsomely.

Nick Diaz and his more youthful bro Nate have now been mainstays for years on the mixed martial arts scene and so are two regarding the more well-known and fighters that are popular.

But Nick’s career is in jeopardy. The philosophy’s stance against using drugs doesn’t seem to be resonating though he’s part of the ‘Skrap Pack,’ a group of UFC fighters that follow traditional jiu-jitsu.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended Nick for five years and fined him $165,000 for testing positive for marijuana in September of last year. It absolutely was his third failed test with the drug.

The apparently harsh penalty was reduced to simply 18 months four months later, and the suspension was lifted early on August 1, 2016. But the 13-time UFC fighter faces additional discipline for getting into a fight during the UFC 202 weigh-in for his brother’s match against featherweight champ Conor McGregor.

McGregor, who was simply the favourite in Las Vegas heading to the fight, won by bulk decision in five rounds during the new T-Mobile Arena.

One-Sided Story?

Diaz is known for trash talking in the octagon, which is why his version of records during the Bellagio might be justly questioned. Diaz has an uncanny power to get underneath the skin of his opponents, so certainly he could aggravate a nightclub partier.

Bellagio staff concluded that wasn’t the case. ESPN MMA writer Brett Okamoto says a rep for the Bellagio told him Nick ‘was very well behaved.’

Neither Nick nor Nate currently has a planned fight, nevertheless the UFC’s brand new owner, WME-IMG, is currently scheduling events that are numerous.

The moral of this story: if you will select a fight, ensure it is not a UFC fighter.

Rutgers ‘Internet Gaming in Brand New Jersey’ Study Highlights Responsible Gambling

The iGambling gaming that is responsible implemented by state officials and Gov. Chris Christie in the Garden State are working according to a new report titled ‘Internet Gaming in New Jersey.’ (Image: Tyson Trish/The Record)

The ‘Internet Gaming in New Jersey’ research study performed by Rutgers University suggests that problem safeguards that are gambling by the state are now being utilized at higher-than-expected prices.

Based on the university’s Center for Gambling Studies, 94,255 people gambled online at some point in 2014, with men (72,366) representing the majority that is vast of figure. For the total iGaming demographic, 14.23 percent took advantageous asset of responsible gaming (RG) measures.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) mandates that Internet casino platforms provide RG options.

Perhaps most surprising is the 25-34 demographic utilized RG tools most frequently. The analysis found that 31.15 percent of all 25 to 34-year-olds RG that is incorporated.

RG options include cool-off intervals, time limitations, and self-exclusion periods.

‘The most encouraging findings with this analysis is the apparent efficacy of the limit-setting tools,’ the Center for Gambling Studies stated.

However, the research team claims there is a great amount of more work to be achieved.

‘RG lacks branding that is uniform outreach and marketing to ensure all players understand the array of features available,’ the paper concludes. ‘We would . . . recommend that RG be included as part of registration for a player account as well as for continued usage for existing players.’


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